Chris Basham

User experience designer.

Prototyper. Developer.


Redesign process

Reviewing hundreds of bookmarked inspirational portfolio sites, I sketched and scrutinized dozens of page layouts; and analyzed information architectural patterns, such as content organization and page labeling. Reflecting and evaluating the previous version of the site in consideration of these insights, I determined to rectify quite a few lingering issues for this latest iteration:

Special thanks

I thank fantastic designer, photographer and friend John Wayne Hill for arranging and developing photo shoots for fellow HCI/d students, allowing us to fulfill our semester-long dream of becoming designers "slash" models. You can admire his handiwork on the About and 404 pages.

I thank awesome friends and colleagues Tony Dewan and James Welsh for suggesting Git, Sinatra and Visor. My workflow will never be the same. Delight in their collaborative craftsmanship at Supermatter.

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