Chris Basham

User experience designer.

Prototyper. Developer.


From developer to designer

Before graduating in IUPUI's New Media program, I realized I didn't want my career to solely be defined or constrained by my decade of web development experience. My skills could supersede the artificial barriers of the web browser and venture into new application domains. A three-semester exploration into physical computing enabled me to prototype a hardware and software gaming platform; construct the hardware for a multitouch display; develop color and symbol tracking algorithms; and design an interactive art installation.

As a user experience designer instructed by Indiana University's Human-Computer Interaction Design masters program, I've learned how to conceptualize through prototyping, facilitate small teams and design for people.

Besides designing and coding, I quote movies, read classic graphic novels, listen to audiobooks, construct paper craft, devour blueberry muffins, launch Frisbees and discs into oblivion, occasionally dominate board games and trail run barefoot.

About the website

To discover how I designed and developed this website, read the Colophon. You may find sources of inspiration along the way, including recommended software, services, books and other websites.